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Mishal, Nutrition Coach

Unless someone is living under a rock or on Mars, everyone knows about a LowCarb Keto diet.

If all the information and your hard work has not helped you achieve your goals then its time to consult a LowCarb / KETO Nutrition Coach.

Hello, I am Mishal and I strongly believe that Fat Loss happens when lying on the sofa watching Netflix. Abs are built by the food we eat and then exercise.

Goals are unique to everyone, So whatever your goal - Metabolic Good health, Fat loss, Building Lean Muscle, Nutrition to support your Sports Performance and Be Healthy For LIFE, connect with me and Let us Begin a Journey to achieve your Goals on a WELL FORMULATED LOW-CARB KETOGENIC DIET.

Easy & Sustainable Keto that fits your lifestyle!


S Kanan

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much Mishal for guiding us through the journey of Lowcarb. It has been a wonderful journey filled with lots of benefits that we would not have realized with you. Your constant support, guidance, and consistent health monitoring has helped us to achieve the number anyone would aim for. I still remember my old sugar number (Fasting 269+and PPBS of 370) and used to wonder that rest of my life would go with Insulin & medications. When I look back to see how these numbers came down to normal is simply mesmerizing and that too with the elimination of sugar drug. We also appreciate your huge bundle of knowledge in this field, your approach of explaining the body functioning and how each foodstyle affect the body mechanism simply enabled us to smoothly adopt lowcarb. One thing We must vouch here, if we had gone to a conventional approach and medication, I am sure we would not have got the number amount which we aimed for, but also the additional knowledge, attention, and consistent guidance. We really thank you from the deep of our hearts for all the support, help, guidance, and mentoring you provided during the course.


P Bartakke. IT Professional

Weighing scale barked "106 kgs". Struggled in the gym. No weight loss. No muscle gain. Quit. Met Mishal. And within 6 months the weighing scale smiled back "82 kgs". Mishal guided, coached and educated me on the right diet and supplements as per my lifestyle and health. I never imagined weight loss could be this easy and fun.